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Confirmed: Appointment With Jim Cress (Session 1)

January 25, 2023

Hello again! It's Day 3 of our study. It's also Wednesday — the day we'll hear from Lysa's personal counselor, Jim Cress. Think of these videos as mini counseling sessions where he’ll share godly wisdom and answer common questions about what we’re reading.

Were you a little hesitant to sign up for this study because you weren’t sure if you lacked boundaries? Or maybe you’re curious about what relationships without boundaries look like. 

That’s all covered in today’s session. Now let’s meet Jim in the Counselor’s Corner.

As you begin to process what Jim said, remember this truth about boundaries that Lysa shares on Page XVIII of the Introduction to Good Boundaries and Goodbyes:

“Boundaries aren’t meant to shove love away. Quite the opposite. We set boundaries so we know what to do when we very much want to love those around us really well without losing ourselves in the process.”


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What’s one warning sign that indicates you may lack boundaries in your own relationships?

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