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Ready for Your Next Appointment? (Session 2)

February 1, 2023

Happy Wednesday! Your next appointment with Jim Cress is here. 

Jim’s note in Chapter 4 (starting on Page 53) talks about the difference between good and bad boundaries. Notice that one motivation a person may have for setting bad boundaries is control.

When a situation or relationship spins out of control, how do you feel? How do you respond? Are you willing to let go of someone or something if that’s what’s best for you and the boundaries you’ve set?

Jim talks more about this today in the Counselor’s Corner. Check it out!



Phew! That’s a lot to take in. How about you and I take some time on our own to pray and process what God is teaching us right now? It may be helpful, too, to jot down what you want to remember, receive, reflect on or pray about, just as we’ve been doing in My Personal Boundaries Journey with each chapter.

Let’s talk again on Friday, OK?


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What’s one reason you should follow through with consequences when your boundaries are violated, even if it hurts to do so?

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