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Choices That Lead To Healthy Relationships

February 3, 2023

Wow, my friend! You and I are finishing up our second week of Good Boundaries and Goodbyes. Can you believe it? I’m so proud of you for continuing on. It means God is working to heal you from unhealthy relationships even if you can’t see how.

Here’s what stood out to me most from this week’s chapters:

  • Good relationships require good boundaries.
  • Distortions of reality feed dysfunctions.
  • Good boundaries originated with God and are modeled by God.
  • God takes boundary violations seriously.

Then on Pages 43 to 45, Lysa shows us how God set and kept boundaries with Adam and Eve in Genesis 2. If you’re unsure of why it’s important to know God’s role in all of this for your own boundaries journey, we have something special for you. It’s Lysa’s Session 2 teaching video.

She shares about making wise choices that lead to healthy relationships. Then about halfway through the video, she’s joined by Jim Cress, her personal counselor, and Joel Muddamalle, the Proverbs 31 Director of Theological Research, to tackle some deeper questions. Ready to watch? 

*Interested in learning even more about this topic? The Good Boundaries and Goodbyes study guide is available to purchase. And when you purchase, you get access to all the teaching videos! 

What a conversation between Joel, Jim and Lysa, right? I LOVED this video! Their insights have really shifted what I think about boundaries. I hope this shift is happening in you too.

See you next week!


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