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Our Ally and Teacher {Week 1}

November 14, 2022

Happy Day 1! I’m so glad you are here.

I knew when I picked up the book Help Is Here by Max Lucado that it was for me! Right on the back cover, I read, “No more walking this path alone. No more carrying weight you were not intended to bear.” I couldn’t wait to read more. 

I’ve recently retired and started the best “job” I’ve ever had: caring for my two grandchildren. It’s really a dream come true. Except when it’s not.

Though I'm embarrassed to admit it, I just had an argument with my 2-year-old grandson and responded unkindly to the adamant "NO!" he gave me. He went right back to playing, but I needed a quick moment to pause and regain focus.

Alicia and Grandkids

I’ve had more than a few moments like today. I know this is where God wants me because I am overwhelmed with blessings, but it’s hard to see and enjoy those blessings when I’m tired.

I need some help so I can enjoy this season of my life. And I’ll readily admit it’s hard to say those words. I need help. 

Having joined our Help Is Here study, you are in the right place if you:

  • Are tired of carrying the weight of everyone and everything in your life. 
  • Are a little confused on who the Holy Spirit is. 
  • Are in need of a little "R&R" (rest and relaxation) as we gear up for the holidays.

This week, we will read the preface of Help Is Here as well as Chapters 1-3. As Max says on Page 10, “We will ponder the amazing benefit of the divine presence.” Here’s a lock screen to help us remember the Spirit gives life!

I’ll check back on Wednesday, when I’ll share an exclusive conversation in which Max answers some of our questions about the Holy Spirit.    

Looking forward to learning alongside you,


P.S. If you’re still waiting for your book, we have the first week’s chapters right here!

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You might be interested in this study for many reasons, but one might be because you need help asking for help! Uh, me too! So when do you need help the most but resist asking for it?

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