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The Holy Spirit Is on Our Side

November 18, 2022

I have loved learning about the Holy Spirit with you this first week of our study. I have already had a few of my questions answered. How about you?

This week we looked at three different roles, or benefits, of the Holy Spirit. 

He is our ally.

We kicked off the week learning that we no longer have to say, “The Holy who?” We have a life-giving friend, the Spirit, by our side ready to help us with everything! When we have a decision to make — big or small — we can ask the Spirit for help. When that little voice of fear inside says we’re not worthy or good enough, we can ask the Spirit to silence it! Even when we need help to get through the day, we can ask Him to give us the strength and power we need. 

He is our teacher.

It is no secret that life is difficult and confusing at times. The good news is we are not left alone in our struggles; we have a teacher in the Holy Spirit. As we invite Him into each day, each situation, we can ask these questions: What are You teaching me? How should I respond to this challenge?

He is the wind.

We closed the week learning the Holy Spirit, like the wind, is an unseen force. And we have that “wind,” that power, within us! When we are going through our day and facing a task or struggle too big to conquer alone, we can remember: The Holy Spirit empowers us to be what our Father God calls us to be! We are not alone!

As we close out the week, we have Max Lucado himself here to teach us more about what it means to have the Holy Spirit on our side. Check it out!

(Please note: These videos make mention of the Help is Here study guide, which we are not using, but if you would like to take your study deeper, it is available for purchase right here! When you purchase, you get access to all the teaching videos, too! What a steal!)

I’ll be back with you on Monday!


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