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Our Intercessor, Seal and Dove {Week 2}

November 21, 2022

Welcome to Week 2 of Help Is Here as we continue our journey learning about the roles of the Holy Spirit. What a comfort it is to know our heavenly Father sent the Holy Spirit to be by our side when we need Him.

This life can bring difficulties that are so big we can’t handle them on our own. But when the hurt is too hard, we can trust that God knows our pain. He hears us when we call out to Him, and He knows what we need when our words fall short. In those moments, the Holy Spirit steps in, closing the gap between our need and our ability to voice that need.

My friend and I had one of those tough moments not too long ago. She called and said: “Pray for my family right now! We’re so broken. I can’t say anything else, but I need you to pray all night.”

I stayed up that night. My heart was broken for my friend and her family. I had no words, and I was sure my friend didn’t either. But we both knew God heard us anyway. 

We all experience pain — either our own pain or the hurt of our loved ones. Sometimes we have a hard time explaining our pain to other people or even telling God exactly what we think we need in that moment, but the Holy Spirit is with us, interceding for us always, even when things seem dark. 

This week we will learn more about that as we discover three more roles of the Holy Spirit in Chapters 4-6 of Help Is Here.

This Thursday, some of us will celebrate Thanksgiving. Because of this, Wednesday will be our last day together for Week 2. In the Wednesday post, you’ll get everything you need to finish the week strong (conversation with Max, Session Two teaching video and more!).

I’m praying for you,


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When have you felt like you couldn’t find words to pray but you knew God heard you anyway?

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