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Sneak Peek Into Our Next Study!

May 18, 2020

Hey there!

Did you know you’re part of a select group who gets to know our next study before anyone else? How fun is that?

We had so much fun digging into Dangerous Prayers with you that we would love to invite you to study Hidden Potential: Revealing What God Can Do Through You by Wendy Pope.

We chose this study because our team knows what it’s like to wrestle with our past. We know what it’s like to question if we’re still useful to God — even with all our fears, faults, failures and frailties. And we want to invite you to study alongside us.

Here’s what we know: Author Wendy Pope will teach us Truth about what God says about us and challenge us to know who we are and whose we are. All the while, cheering us on.

How does it sound? Six weeks discovering our potential and watching God move.

Sign me up!

Will you join me in the next study beginning June 22? I hope you will!


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