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June 16, 2020

Hi ladies!

Can you believe it? NEXT Monday is the start of our Hidden Potential P31 OBS. Are you ready? Are you excited? We are and hope you are too!

If you’re not quite ready yet, we have the perfect tool to get you there — the Study at a Glance! It’s a FREE downloadable/printable calendar where you can find details like:

  • When the study starts and ends, and how many weeks it is.
  • Which chapters to read each week.
  • When you will receive each new study blog post in your email.
  • When you will receive videos.
  • What the Bible Study Companion (BSC) is and when you will receive it.
  • What other study options there are to plug into and when.

We suggest you print it and keep it close so you will always be “in the know.”


With all that being said, though, don’t forget — this is your study. It’s flexible, so you get to choose which parts are a good fit for you and your schedule. That is the beauty of an online study!

We’ll see you Monday,
Your P31 OBS Team

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Just for You! Here's a Spotify playlist to serve as a companion to your Hidden Potential Online Bible Study. We pray each song reminds you — no matter your fears, faults, failures or frailties — with Him, you're a worthwhile possibility.

Let’s Chat!

Now that you have the Study at a Glance and can make your plans, what study tips can you share? Let’s help each other get set up for a successful OBS!


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