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Ready to See What God Will Do Through You? {Week 1}

June 22, 2020

Happy Hidden Potential Day!!

I couldn’t wait for this study to start. Do you know why? Because I wholeheartedly believe this study is going to be the catalyst of change for us. This six-week study will take some work. But with that work will come excitement, encouragement and discovery that you're not alone, as you study alongside women all around the world.

Below, you’ll find resources to help guide and direct you each week of study. We try to make things easy around here!

This Week’s Topic:
In Chapter 1, we get to read “What God Can Do Through You.” If I can add my own interjection here, I know He’s going to do something big. Why and how do I know? Because author Wendy Pope has done the work to show us how taking our past and present fears, faults, failures and frailties can help us live a life God intended for us. He’s going to use all those things to reveal to us our true potential. If you’re still waiting on your book, you can access the first week of reading here!

Verse of the Week:
We believe in the importance of knowing Scripture. One of the ways we’re going to focus on Scripture is through our Verse of the Week. This week, we have an easy one.

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 (ESV)

Weekly OBS Video:
Something fun about this study is we had author Wendy Pope in the studio to give us a message each week. Now, you may be wondering how we filmed in light of COVID-19, but we did it within the guidelines of the CDC and city of Charlotte, North Carolina. We even have a few behind-the-scenes photos!

Here are instructions for accessing closed captioning and the transcripts, if needed!

Study at a Glance:
We have a one-stop-shop resource for you! It’s a study calendar that tells you what to read and when, when you can expect blog posts and other fun study updates!


As we head into our first week, I want to point out an important message for us to remember from Hidden Potential: we’re all a “worthwhile possibility.” Let’s soak that in.

You, my friend, are a worthwhile possibility.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

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