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From “I’m Only” to “IF Only” {Week 1}

June 26, 2020
"Hidden Potential" by Wendy Pope | P31 OBS Week 1b Quote

Hello there, and happy Friday to you all!

Wendy Pope introduced Chapter One of Hidden Potential with a question: “Can God do anything with me?” Throughout the chapter, she presented us with a strong case that we can, in fact, be used by God. Good stuff! But I bet more than a few of you are still holding on to an “I’m only” or two. You know...

I’m only a stay-at-home mom.
I’m only a high school graduate.
I’m only (fill in the blank here).

What could I possibly have to offer?

If that’s you, I want to challenge you with something: No matter how big your “I’m only” may seem, over these next five weeks, try shifting your thoughts to “IF only” instead:

IF only I’d give this to God …
IF only I’d choose to believe what I can’t yet see …
IF only I’d trust that I am who God says I am ...

You see, “I’m only” puts the focus on our self-imposed limitations, while “IF only” helps open our eyes to what could be with God.

On Hidden Potential page 47, Wendy says:

“God sees your potential and believes you are a worthwhile possibility.”

That He does, friends, and He wants you to see and believe it, too. I’m not asking you to take my word for it, but I am asking you to lean in to our discussion over these next five weeks and approach the possibility with an open mind. After all, if this statement is correct, it’s a game-changer for us all!

Let’s make a pinky promise to each other to trade our “I’m only” for “IF only.” Let’s agree to give this a shot and see if maybe, just maybe, those failures, fears, frailties and faults of ours can be transformed by the hands of God into something beautiful and useful for the future.

I’m in if you are!

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What’s an “I’m only” in your life you’re ready to trade in for the “IF only” potential we have with God?

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