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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life {Week 3}

July 8, 2020

Happy Wednesday! It's Brandy back with you again!

Can we talk? Not as new friends pondering the weather, but as girlfriends bonding at my kitchen table?

Three years ago, God led me into my toughest life season. Everything just sort of … unraveled. Understanding and deliverance were my only prayers. Even a few friends stepped away. Something was wrong, and I had no idea what it was, let alone how to fix it. Have you ever felt that way?

Jesus, in His gentle, loving way, eventually showed me my problem. Guess what it was? My mind! For years, I’d hoarded lies, other people’s opinions and the enemy’s twisted words. Thankfully, Jesus loved me too much to let me continue with the wrong mindset.

Enter this week’s Bible Study Companion lesson. In it, Stacy leads us through how to win the battle in our minds.

Before we dig in, can I show you how God works? In the BSC, Stacy mentions Scriptures that teach us how to sow right thoughts. Jesus showed me those same Scriptures during my tough season. Stacy also shares three main steps we can take to swap flesh-controlled thoughts for Spirit-filled ones. Almost a year ago, I started working through those very steps. I still do to this day. It has changed my mindset, which has changed my life.

Has the year 2020 affected your joy and peace? You’re not alone, my friend. Maybe Jesus, in His gentle loving way, is asking if He can change your mindset. I’d invite you to dig into this week’s BSC lesson on pages 15-27, so you, too, can begin that process with Him.


I pray you trust Him enough to let Him help you!


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How has your current mindset affected your efforts to live out your potential?

P.S. Each lesson within the BSC is designed to stand alone, so it’s not necessary to complete the previous lessons before doing this one.

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