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Nothing Can Hinder God’s Plans {Week 4}

July 15, 2020
 "Hidden Potential" by Wendy Pope | P31 OBS Week 4 Quote

Welcome back, ladies!

I’m so glad we are all here! This is my favorite day of our study week. Bible Study Companion day is where we get to dig deeper into God’s Word! Let’s do it together.

In Monday’s blog, I mentioned just one of my frailties — my anxiety disorder. When I look too hard at myself and those frailties, I feel as if I am not useful to God. But He feels differently. He has plans for me.

In our BSC this week, Nichole Stern leads us through the lives of five extraordinary women with circumstances that likely made them feel as I have — useless. But God had plans for them, too! As we study their stories, we will find truth in what Wendy Pope says on page 136 of Hidden Potential:

“No one is too damaged or unskilled to join God in His work.”

Read that again: no one is too damaged to be used by God. Not Tamar (a rejected woman), Rahab (a harlot), Ruth (a widow), Bathsheba (an adulteress), or Mary (an unmarried, pregnant teen). Each of them played a critical role in God’s plan. They are the women of Jesus’ lineage. He used them in the mightiest of ways. Who are we to think He wouldn’t do the same for us?

To borrow a phrase from Nichole, “Nothing can thwart God’s plans.” We are pivotal to the Master’s work! Let’s jump into lesson #3 (starting on page 28) to learn how we can be pivotal in God’s plan too!


Let’s agree on not thwarting God’s plans,

Let’s Chat!

How has God used you and your frailty in His work?

P.S. Remember, each BSC lesson is independent, so if you haven’t started yet, you can still do this week’s lesson!

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