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He Sees Our Possible! {Week 4}

July 17, 2020
"Hidden Potential" by Wendy Pope | P31 OBS Week 4b Quote

Ladies, we did it! We made it through Chapter 4! Thank you for hanging in there with me. I didn’t want to do this without you!

This week, we examined our frailties and how they come in many shapes, sizes and circumstances. Earlier I mentioned what I consider my most significant frailty — my anxiety disorder. Please hear my heart as I continue: I am not downplaying the effects of anxiety in anyone’s life, and if you struggle with anxiety, please know I am praying for you.

I was 35 years old when I had my first anxiety attack. I had no idea what was happening to me, but it was frightening and unexplainable. As the years went on, my condition became more severe and debilitating. The hardest part was not knowing how to deal with something I had no control over. I felt weak and delicate and without value to God. I finally came to the place where I simply accepted the limitations that came with my anxiety.

A year ago, God changed something in me. He led me to apply to be a contributing writer for P31 OBS, a step that took me as far outside of my comfort zone as I had ever been. I was petrified to share my failures, fears and frailties with other people. I put off applying as long as I could, but God wouldn’t let it go. He knew sharing my experiences could help others in similar circumstances. He knew that the pain I had endured would not be in vain. All I had to do was step out in faith and let Him work. He saw my possible!

On page 120, Wendy Pope reminds us that:

“God specializes in seeing the possible in people.”

God sees the possible in you, just like He does me! Remember what our Verse of the Week says about God’s power: It’s made perfect in our weakness. That’s a trade-off I’ll take every day!

Thanks for spending the week with me, and remember, we are worthwhile possibilities!


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Have you let your frailty limit God’s possible? What is something you are doing, or learned this week, to conquer this?

For Your Weekend:
In the third “Possibility Profile” audio discussion, Wendy and Meg explore Meg’s frailty, her lack of education, and how God used people in her life to help her see the possibility God sees in her! (Thank you Wendy and Meg!) Set aside 18 minutes to listen in to how Meg learned just what a worthwhile possibility she is!


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