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The Face that Faces God {Week 5}

July 24, 2020

When I was a teenager, I was pretty happy with my complexion. But occasionally, like most other girls, I suffered from the dreaded breakout. It never failed that when I saw my dad, he would point and ask, “What’s that on your face?” I could have one tiny little blemish, or acne all over my face, and the question remained the same.

Sometimes, I feel like my faults are like those teenage blemishes. You know, on display for everyone to see. In those moments, I’m left feeling embarrassed and exposed, but also a little relieved to finally have them out in the open.

We never totally overcome our faults, but Wendy Pope encourages us to take an important action on page 165 of Hidden Potential:

“It’s up to us to introduce our ‘Fs’ to our great and powerful God.”

How do we introduce our "F's" to God? I picture it like standing exposed in front of a full-length mirror before Him, naming my faults one by one in prayer to Him (like He doesn’t already know). As we name our faults to God, we begin to see how great and powerful He is.

Romans 8:28 tells us God works all things together, our faults included, for good. Wendy also helps us understand this process when she shares this belief:

“I believe that if we examine all our faults through the lens and light of Scripture, we will find an antidote for each one” (p. 150).

Meditating on Scripture lifts us out of the depths of defeat and discouragement and empowers us to face our faults. With our thoughts and our sense of self formed by the Word of God, we find strength, hope, joy, faith and peace. As we encounter the events life brings our way, we are able to move calmly and steadily forward with courage and confidence, face those who point out our flaws (including that flawed self that looks back at us in the mirror), and know God sees us differently.

Then, we won’t look at ugly blemishes as big bullseyes on our foreheads. We won’t see our flaws as objects of embarrassment. We won’t see the sins that trap us as defining. Instead, we will see ourselves as God sees us — full of potential and ready for work.

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What’s one fault you will introduce to God knowing He will truly work all things for your good?

For Your Weekend:
In our final “Possibility Profile” audio discussion, Wendy introduces us to Linda. She courageously shares with us how God revealed her faults and then very gently softened her heart. (Thank you, Wendy and Linda!) You’ll want to carve out about 20 minutes to listen in.


If you need the transcript of the conversation, we have it!

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