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Tuned to the Heart of God {Week 6}

July 29, 2020
"Hidden Potential" by Wendy Pope | P31 OBS Week 6 Quote

Have you ever listened to the playing of a poorly tuned piano? Even when the keys are pressed correctly, the resulting tone is far from glorious, because the right notes played out-of-tune still come out wrong.

In the world right now, we are surrounded by many battles worth fighting — battles that are near and dear to the heart of God. But until and unless we’ve first tuned into His heart and aligned ourselves accordingly, we run the risk of missing our potential and being yet another tone-deaf voice in the crowd.

For this reason, it’s perhaps more crucial than ever that we remain firmly rooted in God’s Word. Our Bible Study Companion (BSC) is one such way to do so. The BSC, written specifically with you, our P31 OBS friends, in mind, aims to take you deeper into study and help you better tune in to the voice of God in your life. We first shared this resource with you back in Week 2. Today, we want to share it with you again and briefly revisit the four lessons contained within it.


Lesson 1 (pages 2-14) is all about spiritual warfare: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to arm ourselves against it.

In Lesson 2 (pages 15-27), we dive specifically into one of the battles we face — the battle in our minds — and how to find perfect peace in the storms of life.

Have you ever felt beyond the grace of God? Too damaged to be a part of His story? Then Lesson 3 (pages 28-42) is for you.

Finally, in Lesson 4 (pages 43-54), we compare a life controlled by the flesh with a life controlled by the Spirit, and we see how God can redeem even the worst within us for His glory.

If you haven’t yet gone through these lessons, we invite you to do so now and pray you’ll find value and purpose in each. (Because each lesson is independent of the others, they can be completed in any order you wish.) If you have already done them all, perhaps give them a read-through again, and pick out a few specific things to remember and begin applying to your own life.

Whatever you do, find ways to tune in and align yourself with God’s heart. And remember, it’s not a one-time thing; we have to do it over and over again. As Wendy Pope reminds us on page 186 of Hidden Potential:

“God is famous for taking the old and making it new. He longs to do new in you.”

That He does, friends. Let’s be made new and come together to make a beautiful melody in the world for Him!


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