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Two Simple Study Prep Steps!

January 19, 2018
Only 3 more days until we start the "I Am Loved" Proverbs 31 Online Bible study! Check out the two simple steps you need to prep for the study on today

Who’s ready to walk in the fullness of God’s love?

Study Leader Katrina Wylie here again, and I hope your hand is raised because THAT is the very journey we’re about to travel … STARTING IN JUST THREE DAYS! Yep, get excited because our next #P31OBS officially kicks off on MONDAY.

So, now that you’ve signed up for the study and have your I Am Loved book ordered/bought (yes?), what else do you need to be ready for Monday?

Just Two Simple Study Prep Steps!

#1: Download your FREE Week at a Glance study helper!
Want to know what to expect each week, plus get encouraging study tips? The Week at a Glance will keep you in the know and on the go all study long! Waiting for your book to arrive or want some Verse of the Week visuals? Get started with the FREE download of the first week’s book content and graphics for each week’s memory verse!

Yes, you'll find all this and more in this one-stop-shop resource! Simply click the button below to download yours. And then, depending on your study style, either view it on your device as we go along or print it out and start planning!

And, heads up! With the way this book’s set up, as you plan, be prepared for five days of homework every week. But also, be expectant for God’s glorious truths to transform your heart each and every day!  


#2: Watch the study intro video by Wendy Blight!
Here’s your chance to get a glimpse of what’s to come, teaching-wise, before we start on Monday. In each Friday blog, you’ll find a new session of these I Am Loved videos to wrap up your week.

Note: Each video will only be available for ONE WEEK on our blog. Today’s video was only available here through January 25. Thank you Thomas Nelson for this limited free access!


We can’t wait to begin walking in God’s fullness with you!

See you Monday,

Let’s Chat:

When and where do you plan to do your Bible study each day? Here’s where I’ll be doing mine, Monday through Friday each morning, before my kiddo wakes:

Two Simple Study Prep Steps by Katrina V. Wylie | #P31OBS #IAmLoved 

After you've shared about your study space in the comment section, feel free to also snap a pic and share it on social media using the hashtags #P31OBS and #IAmLoved.

Would you like a copy of your own of the I Am Loved video study? Comment today and five winners will be randomly selected and emailed.

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