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Walking In Victory {Week 5}

February 19, 2018
"Hear this truth: You are an overcomer." - Wendy Blight #IAmLoved | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Well, here we are. We’ve made it to Week 5! Can you believe it? I’m SO PROUD of you for hanging in there with us! And if maybe you’ve dropped off somewhere along the way, it’s not too late! This week is worth jumping back in for, so pick yourself back up, join us right where we are, and finish out these next few days with us. Deal?

Now, imagine going to a sporting event and knowing with certainty before it even started that your favored team was guaranteed to win. Would it change the way you viewed things? Would you fret and worry over every little fumble and misstep along the way, or would you relax, knowing the promised victory would come?

Of course in sports, no matter the odds for or against a team, you have to wait until the last second ticks off the clock to know the end result. In life, though, if we are His, we don’t have to wait and wonder. We have a GUARANTEED victory! And while we may struggle along the way, the outcome is assured, and that is just what we’ll be learning about! HALLELUJAH!

That thought alone gets me pumped up and excited to dive in this week! I hope you’re ready, too! Before we get started, though, Wendy and Kendra are back with our last Monday video. You won’t want to miss today’s Walk With Wendy segment, AND a beautiful prayer to get this week started off on the right foot, so check it out!

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I just can't get enough of that Scripture Wendy shared:

“ all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37 (NIV)

You hear that? You are MORE than a conqueror! Let that thought sink deep into your soul as we begin this last week together.

See you soon!

- Stacy

P.S. Check out your Week at a Glance for some fun study freebies AND a look at the week to come!

Reflect and Respond:

As Wendy says in today’s video, “No matter what you're walking through, stand confidently in WHO you are and WHOSE you are!” How does knowing who and whose you are help you walk through difficult times?

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