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January 14, 2019

Hello to you from Western WA! I’m Katrina Wylie and I’m excited to be joining you as one of three study leaders for our next P31 OBS.

With It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way officially kicking off in just one week, I wanted to give you a helpful study resource you don’t want to miss — our Week at a Glance! This one-stop-shop download is not only FREE, but it’s the answer to several questions we often receive as we get rolling, such as:

Q.) What do I do if I’m still waiting for my book to arrive?
A.) Check out the Week 1 section of the Week at a Glance. In it, you’ll find a FREE download for the first week’s book reading. Thank you Thomas Nelson for making this available to us!

Q.) How do I know what to do/read when?
A.) In the Week at a Glance, you’ll find a daily suggested study schedule for each week of study, letting you know when you’ll receive study blogs and what chapters to work through when.

Q.) Will the videos be part of the study and, if so, when/where can I access them?
A.) Yes! We’re thankful Thomas Nelson has given us the videos for FREE for one week each during our study. A new session will be available on our blog (and in your email) each Friday.

Alright, go ahead and grab your copy of the Week at a Glance today by clicking the button below and check out the Week 1 section to get set for next week. We can’t wait to begin studying with you!


See you NEXT Monday!

P.S. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page here.

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