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Moving From Brokenness to Restoration

January 17, 2019


My name is Kendra and I can’t wait to start studying It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way with you! But before you officially get started, I need to ask, have you ever said the statement below?

“That didn’t go as planned.”

This is what I’ve thought numerous times in the course of my life. I’ve worked, re-worked, planned, and strived to make sure life turned out the way I thought it should go, only to come up disappointed, a little confused and a lot heartbroken.

Have you been there?

I’m guessing I’m not alone in this desperate search for hope. And that’s why we’ve created an extra study option for you. It’s our teaching series: 4 Messages (plus 2 bonus messages) to Help You Go from Brokenness to Restoration. In this optional series, you’ll hear from Lysa TerKeurst as well as a few of her hand-picked friends, authors, pastors and Bible teachers: Annie F. Downs, Angie Smith and bonus messages from Pastor Craig Groeschel and Pastor Chris Hodges.

We’d love for you to join us! Click below for more information.




I’m believing we can get through this. 




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