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A Piece to Our Puzzle

February 13, 2019

Happy there! I have a midweek question for you...

Do you ever find yourself wondering how your situation can be made beautiful or turned into something good?

When I came across these words in Chapter 7, “God is making something beautiful out of my life,” it led me to wonder that.

But the more I study God’s Word, I come to realize we don’t have His perspective. We live each day only seeing what’s in front of us, not knowing fully what’s coming next. While God, on the other hand, sees our story in its entirety. He sees our life as a complete whole. Knowing exactly how each part will fit together to make something beautiful.

And that’s where faith comes into play. We’re called to have faith in what we can’t see and trust His plans are for our good (Hebrews 11:1, Jeremiah 29:11). We can trust He’ll use every aspect of our life (good and hard) to make something wonderful and, in the end, bring Him glory.

While I know this to be true (and I’m sure you do too), it’s easier said than done. Amen? Which is why I have to continually look to Truth to remind myself of this. And another thing that helps me remember is to have a visual. I’m a visual learner, and maybe you are too, so I’ll share one of mine with you...

I like to envision my life as a puzzle only God has the box to. He sees the image on the front and knows the end result. He knows and has access to the exact pieces needed for completion. However, we’re only given one piece at a time, in His timing. And because of that, sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how certain pieces will fit together.

Other times we’re handed a piece we don’t particularly like, causing disappointment because it wasn’t what we were expecting and we’re not quite sure how it could be made beautiful. But again, God sees the entire puzzle. He takes all the pieces (hard, good and sometimes odd) and puts them together to make something incredible that we couldn’t begin to imagine on our own!

So, if you're holding a puzzle piece (a certain situation) in your hand right now asking yourself how it can be turned into something good and made beautiful, remember … eventually all the pieces of your puzzle will fit perfectly together and you’ll be able to see (on this side of eternity or in heaven) He IS making something beautiful out of your life!


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