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Never Alone

March 1, 2019

Hello there, friend!

As we wrap up our study today, I wanted to share with you something I noticed all throughout Scripture.

I noticed that for every account of Jesus speaking into someone’s place of fear, He spoke words of comfort to the person before speaking words of authority into their situation. And that right there tells me something important:

Our comfort is not meant to be dependent on what Jesus will do in our situation, but simply because HE IS THERE.

Take, for example, this account found in Matthew 8. The disciples were with Jesus on a boat when a fierce storm erupted. The boat was being tossed from side to side. The disciples were scared, but Jesus slept through it all. When they woke Him in their terror, His first response was to ask, “Why are you so afraid?”

He hadn’t yet spoken to the storm. He hadn’t yet commanded the winds and waves to cease. And yet from His words alone, we learn they had nothing to fear. It’s as if He were saying, “Trust me. I’m here. I’ve got this.”

I believe that today, in whatever “It’s not supposed to be this way” situation you may find yourself, He is saying the same to you.

You see, this study has never been about how to solve difficult life situations, but rather how to walk through them holding on to the truth of who we are and, more importantly, the truth of who HE is.

So be encouraged! No matter what we may face today, tomorrow, or any day after, HE IS WITH US, which means we can step forward in faith. As we read all the way back in the introduction:

“We will be victorious because Jesus was victorious. And victorious people were never meant to settle for normal.”

And THAT is a truth we can count on. Always.



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