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Saying Goodbye to What’s Holding Us Back {Week 5}

February 18, 2019

Hi again, friend!

I’m glad to be back with you for another week. Week 5 ... WOW! Can you believe it? You’ve made it SO far. And that’s worth celebrating! So be sure to give yourself a big pat on the back today. I insist.

Also, if you haven’t yet this study, I encourage you to try out our free study resource, the Week at a Glance. If you’ve found yourself falling behind at all, this handy tool could be just the thing needed to help you keep on track and stay accountable. Plus, did you know there’s a verse memorization tip in each one? Very helpful for committing God’s Word to our hearts! Which, I might add, is helpful when it comes to “throwing off our hindrances” — a big theme for this week.

Now let’s join back up with Lysa, Melissa and Kendra in today’s P31 OBS video to learn how this week’s chapters, upside down video segment, and verse can all help us in saying goodbye to what’s holding us back too!



“Fixing our eyes on Jesus, rather than fixating on our problems” … We’re going to be delving into this catchy thought from Lysa a ton this week, because it’s a big key when it comes to saying, “See ya later,” to what hinders us.

And like Melissa also mentioned in today’s video, getting into God’s Word plays a big part in that too! So don’t forget to grab (and make time to DO) this week’s Bible Study Companion. For this one, Sarah is back, teaching us how to expose the enemy with the Truth of God’s Word. And did I mention this is a free resource too?

Alright, let’s go learn how to let go of what’s holding us back, AND how to expose the enemy. It’s going to be an amazing and freeing week, friends.

See ya in the next blog post!

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