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The Naked Truth {Week 3}

February 4, 2019

Hey there! I’m Stacy Lowe and I get the incredible privilege of hanging out with you over here on the blog this week.

So how are you doing so far? How are you REALLY doing?

I know coming face-to-face with the kind of feelings this study may bring up can be difficult. I know it may even seem easier to just back away from it all. But I want to encourage you, wherever you may be with this, to keep doing the hard work. Keep pressing in and know you are not alone. We are ALL here walking alongside you and cheering you on. And together is always better, right?

Now, if I could sum up this coming week with just one word, it would be this: truth. While, yes, this word could really apply to the entire study, I feel it’s especially applicable to this week’s chapters. Why? Because this is the week we slow down and begin peeling back the layers of our hearts to examine what’s really there and expose it to the light of God. And not just for ourselves, but also for the benefit of others.

You’ll be reading more on this in your book over the next few days, and we’ll come back to it on the blog later in this week. (For a suggested reading schedule of these chapters and more, download our Week at a Glance resource, AND don’t forget to grab this week’s Bible Study Companion while you’re at it!)

Now it’s time to check back in with Kendra, Melissa and Lysa. Today, Lysa’s sharing with us a difficult truth God had her confront head-on,’ll see. Check it out!


Look forward to this week with you!

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