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You’re Never Studying Alone

March 20, 2019

Hey friends!

My name is Jessie Bigelow and I’m honored to be the Online Bible Studies Coordinator, here! And y’all — I am so excited for the Keep Showing Up study to start! Whether you’ve been married for 3 months (like me) or over 50 years, this study is for you.

But just because our husbands aren’t technically doing the study with us, doesn’t mean we’re doing it alone! Here in the world of Online Bible Studies, we have two awesome ways for you to get plugged into community.

First, we have the incredible blog! This is the starting place where you can truly connect with other wives that may be walking through journeys similar to yours. With each blog post, there’s a comment section where you will be able to share your thoughts, prayers, struggles and victories.

In addition to the blog, we also have our Keep Showing Up Community Group on Facebook! This is an awesome way to get plugged in, get connected and have a private space to join in fellowship with other ladies from all over the world.


With both of these community options, we have amazing leaders and teams that genuinely care about you. That are ready to meet you right where you are. Seriously, they can’t wait to read your comments and pray for you specifically by name. You, my friend, are not alone!

I can’t wait to start studying with you. See you in the comments!


Let’s Chat:

Where are you joining us from and where do you plan to join us in community? And, while you're at it, stop by and say hi to a few others by replying to them as well! 

Comment on today’s blog for a chance to win a copy of Keep Showing Up! Five winners will be randomly selected and notified within 3 days via a reply to their comment on this blog.

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