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Putting the Magic Back Into the Mundane {Week 3}

April 15, 2019

Happy Week 3, OBSers! It’s great to start our week off with you today! My name is Lisa Allen and I’m back with my good friend Melissa Taylor to kick off this week of study.

We have gathered once again with our friends at a local bridal shop to talk about our progress and challenges in this P31 OBS. This particular week, we are reading two more chapters and one of them just happens to be Melissa’s favorite, as she will explain in this week’s video. And I’ll be giving you the challenge of the week, which we both think you will really love.

Need instructions for accessing closed captioning or viewing the video transcript? We’ve got you covered!

So, what do you think about that challenge? Anyone taken the 5 Love Languages assessment before? I love what Jessie said about her and Jake. His #1 way to receive love was the lowest on her list. It was her #5 and vice versa. We can totally relate to that!

Here are two resources for you to use as you go through your study this week. The first is every Bible study girl’s lifesaver: the Week at a Glance, which contains all you need for this week in study.

And how did you like the Bible Study Companion last week? Wendy Blight is back this week with another great lesson to help us go deeper into God’s Word as we read through Keep Showing Up.


We hope you will have a great week reading and studying with us. Ann Hagenbarth will be your fabulous guest leader on the blog Wednesday and Friday. We are so excited to see what she has to share with us to encourage reflection and application.

Have a great week everyone!

Keep Showing Up,
Lisa and Melissa

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This week we're going to learn ways to put the magic back into the mundane. But before we start digging into those, we'd love to know: what do you already do to put more magic in your marriage?

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