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April 19, 2019
"Figure out your love language." | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | Week 3 Challenge |  #KeepShowingUpBook #P31OBS

Hey ladies, I’m so glad you’re back! Who’s ready to put into action what we learned this week?

I love this week’s challenge because I LOVE learning about love languages! There was a time in my marriage, though, when I used the love languages against my spouse.

When Jim and I first got married, my love language was gifts. But surprise, gifts are not Jim’s forte whatsoever! He’s such an acts of service kind of guy. And it made my heart hard. It made me mad and bitter that he didn’t try to communicate love to me the way I wanted him to.

It took me a couple of years, and reading the book more than once, before something clicked. The 5 Love Languages isn’t meant to cause dissension in our heart or to make us bitter. It can be used as a tool to recognize and understand how our spouses ARE loving us well!

Once I recognized that, I took a step back and did some journaling to think about how Jim DID show me love in his own way. And suddenly I could see how he is constantly serving me in our home with projects in the house and outside. What freedom and joy that realization has given me and our marriage!

And another really cool thing that’s happened as a result? I no longer care as much about getting gifts. It’s become much more meaningful to me when Jim does something to serve me.

Isn’t it beautiful how God can change our heart when we allow our hearts to be moldable?

Let’s Chat:

Have you taken the love languages test from Monday’s challenge? I’d love to hear about your results! Is there one thing you can start doing to communicate love to your spouse in a new way?

OR, if you're wanting another application option, don't miss the six ways Karen gives in chapter 6 for helping to bring magic to our mundane (pages 136-141)! You can also choose to do and share about one of those.

And don’t forget, every comment this week is entered into this week’s giveaway!

We’ve got the magic in us, ladies, let’s do this!

For Your Weekend:
Karen’s back with the second video she made for us! And here’s next week’s Week at a Glance for all you planners!

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