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Simple Prayer {Week 4}

April 22, 2019

Hey y’all! Welcome to Week 4 of the Keep Showing Up P31 OBS! Lisa and I have been loving getting to study with you all! We are so honored to get to walk this journey with you, as wives and as friends.

Every Monday we have joined you in the most beautiful bridal shop where we’ve talked about our challenges of the week and a few other key things we’re reading. Which is why we’re back there again today with some of our friends, and hopefully yours too! See you there!

Need instructions for accessing closed captioning or viewing the video transcript? We’ve got you covered!

And hey, let’s just chat for a second about that prayer prompt for this week (from today’s video). Praying for our husbands not only brings us closer to them, but closer to God. Let’s commit to join in prayer for our marriages, together. And remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple prayer for your husband is a beautiful thing.

We can do this by digging into this week’s Bible Study Companion. In it, we’re talking all about prayer! And Wendy even guides us through an activity of praying Scripture for our husbands so we can dig deeper into God’s Word and strengthen our prayer life.


Also don’t forget to grab your Week at a Glance, which contains everything you need to know for this week in Bible Study (including some fun giveaway items!).

Leading us on the blog this week is Jessie Bigelow, who is our content and project coordinator here in the world of Online Bible Studies! Jessie is our sweet newlywed and we are so excited to share in her joy as she leads us this week.

Stay strong, y’all! We know how crazy life gets, we’re right there with you! Let’s have a great week of Bible study!

Keep Showing Up,
Melissa and Lisa

Let’s Chat:

This week you are encouraged to pray a simple prayer for your husband. But what simple prayer can we, this OBS community, pray for you? Share your simple prayer request in the comments and pray for the woman who comments above you.

We can’t wait to be in prayer with you! (Remember, you are entered into this week’s giveaway EVERY time you comment on the blog this week! Good luck!)

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