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April 24, 2019
 "Your marriage can be a place where you see God at work daily." - Karen Ehman  #KeepShowingUpBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 4 #P31OBS

Hey everyone, my name is Jessie Bigelow and I’ll be your study leader for the rest of this week!

Y’all, this is my very first marriage study, because I’ve only been married about 5 months! Which sometimes feels like 5 minutes, but also feels like I can’t remember my life before my sweet Jake. Before we jump into today’s topic, know that I’m still happily residing in the honeymoon phase ... so bear with me, haha!

“The Mission of your Marriage.” This is where we start this week.

Admittedly, when I read that chapter title I got a little nervous. My husband and I prepared a lot before we got married. We went to counseling. We had every single deep discussion we could think of. We cast a vision for the future. But we didn’t talk about our “mission.” What’s our purpose as a couple? Why did God create us to be together? Why did God create you and your husband to be together? Those are huge questions. But the answer is pretty simple.

I have a huge heart for the local church. It’s where I found myself, because I found Him (God). It’s also where I found my husband. And I believe God’s heart for marriage is found there too. God created our marriages to serve Him and bring Him glory.

My husband and I serve together on the worship team at our church, here in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s actually how we met in the first place. Now, we got a little lucky with that one because we both love music. You and your spouse may differ a little bit in your talents, passions and even schedules. And that can get a little tricky. But it can help to remember that serving God is simply serving and loving His people.

Where is a place you and your husband can come together to do this? Is it:

  • Serving on the welcome team at your local church?
  • Tutoring kids at the elementary school down the street?
  • Setting up a monthly dinner for people in your community?

In Keep Showing Up, Karen Ehman writes:

“Your marriage can be a place where you see God at work daily.”

There is no limit to how, when, where and who you can serve — the people in your community, in your church, in your family and, of course, your spouse. Pray for him, like the challenge this week says. That’s our mission as wives.

No matter what season of marriage you’re in, whether you’re a newlywed like me or you’ve been married for over fifty years, keep showing up and seeking God’s mission for your marriage. I believe in you, and am encouraged simply in the fact that you’re here studying with me!

Your friend,

Let’s Chat:

Where are you and your spouse at when it comes to using your marriage to serve? If you already serve together, we'd love to hear how! And if you're not there yet, that's okay. What are some things you have in common that could lead to serving possibilities to consider?

We can’t wait to hear your responses! (Remember, you are entered into this week’s giveaway EVERY time you comment on the blog!)

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