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Hypotheticals Don’t Matter

April 26, 2019
 "Pray for your husband." - Karen Ehman  #KeepShowingUpBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 4 #P31OBS

Hey y’all, this newlywed has a confession to make.

I was never really into this “topic” of marriage. Let me explain.

I always refused to read any books about Christian dating. If there was a sermon in church about relationships, I would intentionally tune out. I know there were things I could have been doing differently, but I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to be told I was doing anything wrong. I was so stubborn.

However, after reading the chapter “The Set Up for Success,” I realized that every marriage, no matter what stage or phase you’re in, has tough times. It’s only natural that when you spend so much time with someone, the honeymoon phase turns into reality way too quickly. And sometimes the blame game and a world of hypotheticals seem a lot easier than facing whatever the issue is.

There’s no shame here.

But the thing is, “hypotheticals don’t matter.” That’s my husband’s motto, which he says every time I get caught in an emotional spiral. And sometimes it seems a little blunt, but it’s true. There’s no point in saying things like: if my husband/situation was this way my life would be better. Or: maybe if I actually paid attention to all of those sermons, or picked up a book that would have cast vision for my future, I would be better at honoring my husband.

No matter if you’ve been married 5 months or over 50 years, there’s always time and there’s always grace. Just keep trying. And never stop praying (which lucky for us is the challenge for this week, wink wink). So let's pray:

  • For our husbands as much as we pray for ourselves.
  • That God would continually work in both of our hearts.
  • For God to focus our attention on the good times, not the bad.

As we look to apply one thing we've learned this week, one way or another, let’s commit to praying for our husbands and marriages. Let’s lay down our hypotheticals and set our marriage up for success today and every day.

Your friend,

Let’s Chat:

What specific way will you commit to praying for your husband/marriage to better set your marriage up for success?

We can’t wait to hear your responses! (Remember, you are entered into this week’s giveaway EVERY time you comment on the blog!)

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