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Seasons Come, Seasons Go — A 50 Year Love Story

May 1, 2019
“It’s important to make sure that God is the one changing us and not the world.” - Karen Ehman  #KeepShowingUpBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Hi! Debbie here from sunny Texas! I’m feeling happy (because I get to be here the rest of this week with you) and a bit sad (because it’s our last week together).

Mix and I met in high school and married a year after we graduated. One day I was 16 and he was throwing popcorn in my hair at a basketball game. And then poof, we are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this August!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 50 years already, but while these days he’s not throwing popcorn in my hair (thank goodness, right?), that’s not the only thing that’s changed. In thinking back, we’ve been through a lot of seasons of change: high school sweethearts, young married couple, college, jobs, infertility, miscarriages, children, aging parents, losing parents, empty nest, in-laws, grandchildren, sickness, retirement.

WHEW! Life is constantly changing. And like Karen Ehman reminds us in the last chapter of Keep Showing Up:

“Life experiences are constantly going to change things about us.”

It’s true. Life change changes US. Mix and I have had to learn that, as I’m sure you’ve had to also. But those changes are the very things we can use to remind and motivate us to “never stop starting over.” To keep working to grow together through them.

Through every “start over” Mix and I have been through, I can honestly say the longer I know him, the more I love his fun-loving, serving spirit. I hope there’s things you’ve grown to love even more about your husband through your changes too.

Another lesson from Karen we need to keep in mind as we’re changing through the seasons is:

“It’s important to make sure that God is the one changing us and not the world.”

How have Mix and I learned to allow God to make the changes in us? We have trusted God in times when it seemed earth-shattering and impossible. We kept showing up, living out His Word, praying, and remembering our vows to Him and each other.

Ladies, as we move through the many seasons of marriage, let’s remember to let God be the one to orchestrate the changes in us (and our spouses) in every circumstance. Why? So that we can be growing together and in the Lord through it all, rather than letting the seasons of change pull us apart or stop our growth.

Here’s to changing together.

Let’s Chat:

I listed some of the different seasons Mix and I have changed through. I'd love to get to know you better! What season are you currently in and how are you handling the changes it’s brought with it? Are you allowing God to be the one to change you (and your spouse) through them?

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