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Never Stop — Keep Poppin'

May 3, 2019
 "Never Stop Starting Over." - Karen Ehman  #KeepShowingUpBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

We did it. We completed a marriage study. But that doesn’t mean we stop learning or stop showing up in our marriages. Let’s keep poppin’!

Each Monday, we've been given a challenge to complete. And we've wrapped up each Friday by focusing on some practical applications. How has that been going for you? Have you been putting to action one thing in your marriage each week?

Ladies, this is how we can keep showing up. How we keep poppin'. We keep taking what we've read over these five weeks, and keep putting it into action! If you've been doing that, awesome. Don't stop! If you haven't yet, that's okay. It's not too late! To help us, here's a recap of practical applications from this study:

  • Stay committed to your marriage pledge
  • Utilize the “10 Ways to Love Your Sandpaper Spouse” (pages 53-55).
  • Deal with baggage, expectations and perceptions (with Karen’s four tips on pages 71-72).
  • Prevent and reduce quarrels with the “Proverbs Power Verses” (pages 98-99).
  • Seek attitude adjustments (with Karen’s seven tips on pages 119-120).
  • Take the 5 Love Languages assessment. Put the magic in your mundane (with Karen’s six tips on pages 136-141).
  • Have a date night with the “Getting-To-Know-You-Again” questions (pages 142-143).
  • Recognize your calling (with Karen’s two suggestions on pages 151-155).
  • Discern your calling as a couple (with Karen’s list of questions on page 156).
  • Seek help for when you’re not spiritually in sync (with Karen’s six tips on pages 166-168).
  • Keep starting over (with this list and the additional resources in the back of the book).

Friends, as we head out from here, let’s remember how we felt on our wedding day when we gave our vows. Recommit! “Never stop starting over” (as Karen says). Keep poppin’. Keep applying. I will. Will you?

It’s been a joy studying with you!

Let’s Chat:

What from this study has helped you and/or your marriage the most and how?

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For Your Weekend:
Let’s wrap up by watching the final Keep Showing Up video! Thanks, Karen, for filming these extra videos for us!

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