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Breaking Free From Worry

October 8, 2019
"Stay focused on today and let Jesus handle tomorrow." - Tracie Miles #LoveLifeAgain | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Hey friend, Anna back with a question for you ...

Are you a worrier?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m prone to worry. In the past, I identified myself as a full-out worrier. But today, by the grace of God, that title no longer defines me. However, I still struggle.

When I find myself struggling, it’s with the unknowns and what if’s of the future. What if something goes wrong during my delivery, something happens to our girls while we’re gone, a tree falls on our house during a storm? I worry about things so far out of my control, that the fear of what could happen consumes my mind.

In the midst of battling worry, I tried to remove all my concerns, but I quickly discovered that was unrealistic. I didn’t understand then that concern is not the same as worry. As Tracie shares:

“Concern focuses on a problem that needs our current attention and we can do something about.”

For example, we can do something about our concern for a neighbor in need, a friend who’s struggling or a situation our child is facing.

Worry, on the other hand, is self-centered and can be harmful to our physical and mental health, bringing fearful thoughts that cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Differentiating between concern and worry allows us to categorize our thoughts. While it’s okay to concern ourselves with issues in front of us needing our attention, it’s not okay to let fear of what we can’t control consume our thoughts with worry. But God knows worry will happen, which is why He tells us to leave our worries with Him, trusting His sovereignty. (Matthew 6:25-34 1 Peter 5:7

Maybe, like me, you know all that but still struggle with actually releasing worries over to Him. If so, you’re not alone! And thankfully, Tracie gives us 3 practical steps to help us break free and love our lives again:

  1. Pray for God to take the fear and worries consuming you and replace them with His peace.
  2. Ask Him to align your thoughts and heart with His Word, so  you can trust Him in all things.
  3. Admit you can’t do it on our own and need His strength and power.

(For further references, check out Isaiah 26:3 and Isaiah 41:10

When we're able to break free from the grip of worry, we can find freedom in trusting our unknowns to a God who does know and has everything under control! We can, as Tracie says:

"Stay focused on today and let Jesus handle tomorrow.”


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