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Do You Love Yourself?

October 8, 2019


Anna Currin here, your study leader for the rest of this week. And what a great first week it’s started out to be!

I don’t know about you but my book is already filling up with highlights. However, as I was highlighting my way through Chapter 2, I found myself stuck on page 49 where author Tracie Miles says:

"We can’t love our lives if we don’t first love ourselves.”

Recently, while in Bible study with two close friends, we discussed how God calls us to love others like we love ourselves, to which my friend asked, “Do you love yourself?” My initial response was, “Oh yeah, I put myself first way too often and constantly have to ask God to help me be more selfless." She then responded with, “I didn’t ask if you were selfish. We’re all selfish. But do you love yourself?”

This conversation led me to question: “What does it mean to love myself?" “Do I value myself? “Do I view myself the way God views me?”

The short and honest answer is no. And as I began to think of the ways I talk, view and think about myself, I realized I would never even begin to think or say those things about anyone else, so why is it okay to treat myself that way?

Can you relate? Do you ever find yourself picking apart your flaws, feeling inadequate, or letting your negative self-talk take over?

I often let comparison and the world leave me feeling less than and not enough. But when I redirect my eyes on what God says, letting Him determine my value, my focus changes.

While we may see ourselves one way, Scripture states that God sees us as His beautiful daughters who are adored, loved, chosen and absolutely enough. And while we’ll never be perfect this side of heaven, we are perfectly made in His image for His purpose.

So what if we started believing that? What if we took all those lies captive and saturated our minds with what God says about us, living in a way that displayed our confidence in Truth?

This is a change that can happen when we speak His Truth into our lives.

So, are you with me? Are you ready to view and love yourself the way God does, so we can begin to love our lives again?

I can’t wait to do just that with you over the next six weeks!



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