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Exchanging Our Plans For His

October 8, 2019
“When we have a heart for Jesus, we can’t help but have a heart for others.” - Tracie Miles  #lovelifeagainbook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 6 #P31OBS

Happy midweek!

I have to admit, on this happy day, I’m a bit sad our time is coming to a close soon. But for now we’re still here, so let’s talk about blessing others.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as we’ve journeyed through this study together is that, in order to love life again, I need to get my focus off of me, myself and I.

It’s an intentional choice to be thankful for all we have and to look for someone who needs something God has blessed us with. This can be something as simple as a smile, or something more personal that requires us to go out of our way or step out of our comfort zone. It’s an exchange … our plans for His plans.

Tracie’s story, in chapter 12, is a perfect example of what it looks like for someone to lay down their plans in order to help another. She didn’t have to go look for this godly interruption, it just happened. From her simple act of obedience, a beautiful tapestry was weaved as she allowed God to use her time, resources and talents to help another.

When we’re willing to participate in divine encounters, there’s nothing we need to do except be present. Tracie did exactly that when she altered her plans for His when she turned around to help a woman she had already driven past. She would have kept driving but she said:

“God’s pull to turn around and help this woman became stronger than my urge to keep driving and ignore her.”

And the reason why is simple:

“When we have a heart for Jesus, we can’t help but have a heart for others.”

Helping others gets our minds off ourselves and allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, right here on earth. It’s a mutual exchange of blessing others and being blessed in return. And I guarantee it’ll make you smile and feel good long after the encounter is over.

Friend, whatever the situation, whenever we come alongside each other to lend a hand, give an encouraging word, or simply sit together in silence, we’re sharing our faith. We’re living life as Jesus taught us — helping the least of these (Matthew 25:37-40). And that’s truly a win-win situation for all. Who wouldn’t love that kind of life?


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