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The Power Of Forgiveness

October 8, 2019

Welcome to Week 2 of our Love Life Again study. I’m Trish and I’ll be walking this week’s journey with you. Are you ready? Me too!

Today, we have quite the treat for you. Not only is author Tracie Miles and P31 OBS manager Kendra Schwarz here with us via video, but so is my beautiful co-study leader Anna Currin, whom you met last week. Let’s see what message they have for us...

If you’d like to view closed captioning or the video transcript, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn how. 

It was good, right? I wonder if, like me, you could relate to what was shared about controlling our thoughts and how important it is to keep the negativity out?

All this week, we’re going to be working on kicking negativity to the curb through the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it IS necessary if we’re going to truly love life again.

Which leads us to this week’s Bible Study Companion. In it, Bible study leader Wendy Blight shares her powerful story of forgiveness. Seriously, I couldn’t stop reading this week’s lesson. So download your companion below and grab your Bible, highlighter and a pen because we’re digging deep today to get to those unwanted roots of unforgiveness!


See you for our next study blog!


P.S. If you haven’t already, click here for your Week at a Glance, heading to the Week 2 section to make your What, When and Where study plans for this week.

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