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We Have A Choice

October 8, 2019
 “You can always bring joy to others through the way you choose to live.” - Tracie Miles  #lovelifeagainbook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 1 #P31OBS

Hey there, friend!

Today I want to check in on you. How’s your going so far? Are you keeping up or is it taking a bit longer to work through it? No matter which you are, let me encourage you to just keep going!

When I began reading Love Life Again, I instantly related to author Tracie Miles and some of the trials she experienced. But there was one story she shared that recently played out in my own life.

At the beginning of chapter 8, Tracie tells about her sister in the hospital after having surgery. As Tracie and her family are digesting the news of the impending recovery period, another family bursts onto the scene with laughter and what Tracie called “competing voices.” Their competing voices were in conflict with the more somber, serious tones of how Tracie and her family felt.

Even though both Tracie and the other family had a loved one in the hospital, their reactions to their circumstances were opposite of one another. Tracie learned a valuable lesson that day from the other family who intentionally chose joy in the Lord over the sadness of uninvited life circumstances.

Just like Tracie (and the other family), we have a choice in how we react to life’s evolving circumstances. I love these wise words she shares in her book:

“You can always bring joy to others through the way you choose to live.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how these words helped me through my own experience of a loved one who was recently hospitalized. It was scary. And at times, it was dire with a life hanging in the balance. But I had a choice: let friends and family see the worry … or the hope I carried with me (Jeremiah 29:11).

In every part of the process, I intentionally chose to look for Jesus and the things He’d already done. I dug deep into my Bible, giving thanks to my Heavenly Father each day. And, even though I don’t like to, I asked for prayer.

I wish I could tell you all I witnessed during my loved one’s hospital stay. But let me just say this — I’m amazed and humbled by the love of Jesus.

Sweet friends, when times are tough, let’s choose to be the competing voice that ushers in the joy of the Lord.


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