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Here It Is: Your Cheat Sheet for "Mom Set Free"!

August 9, 2021

Hey, y’all! I’m Brandy Patton, and I’ve served with P31 OBS since 2016. Each study I’ve led here has helped me grow closer to God and more confident in my faith. You know what else? I love to help other ladies have this same experience, too!

That said, though, I know that to truly have a great study experience, you need to know what’s going on. So check this out: I’m gonna give you the inside scoop on our study. #Brandy'sGotYourBack! Think of it as your "cheat sheet"!

What YOU Bring to the Study: All you’ll need is your Bible, the Mom Set Free Bible Study by Jeannie Cunnion and a way to capture notes about what God is teaching you throughout our time together.

What WE Bring to the Study: Everything else!

What To Expect: Each week of our Mom Set Free study, you’ll receive in your email:

  • "Hey Mamas" Newsletter: This Monday newsletter will include the basic information you need for the study that week — the chapters we'll be reading, a video teaching from the author, and a "question of the week" to answer on Study Central (aka our website). It also includes a few optional extras for those looking for more! (Please note: The newsletter for Week 1 will be delivered on Tuesday, September 7, our first day of study.)
  • Mama to Mama: This letter, delivered each Friday, will include personal encouragement from your study leader to help you keep moving forward.

If you’re reading these words from your email, that means you’re all signed up for this study. Each new post will come straight to your inbox, just like this one did. And if you found this post another way, don’t worry. You can sign up for free right here. You can also always access the most recent blog post by visiting our P31 OBS website.

To make the most of the study, follow along with the weekly newsletter and read our study book and your Bible. Totally doable, right? One more thing—remember to check the comment section at the end of each post on Monday and Friday. It’s your chance to interact with fellow participants and with me, too. Just create a Disqus account OR simply comment as a guest. I hope you’ll join us!

Looking to go deeper? Check out these OPTIONAL extras and see which, if any, are a good fit for you! Included are:

  • Community Group.
  • Bible Study LIVE at the Table.

All right, my friend. You now have all the information you need to jump right into the study when it starts on September 7. Yay! I can’t wait to study with you!


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Check your inbox tomorrow for a useful tool to keep you on track and "in the know" throughout our study!

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