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Mama to Mama {Week 1}

September 10, 2021

Dear Mama,

Years ago, in a moment of desperation and frustration, I quit being a mom. I got in my car and left my two young children behind.

Feeling defeated, I called my husband and told him that this mom gig was too hard, and I was giving up. Thankfully, he calmed me down and reassured me that I was a good mom. As I drove back home, I realized that the Lord chose me specifically to be a mama to my boys. Not only did He choose me, but He would also provide the strength and energy needed to raise them up.

If you’re feeling the weight of “I’m not good enough” today, remember: God chose you to be the mama to your children. Write out this truth on a Post-it and stick it to your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.

Whatever you are facing this week — whether it’s a toddler who won’t sleep through the night, a moody teenager, or an adult son or daughter who’s lost their way — please remember you aren’t alone. God is with you!

I wish I could say that, since my little "escape" from home, parenting has been a breeze, but there have been plenty of times over the years I’ve felt defeated and not good enough. I’ve often believed that someone, anyone, could do a better job than myself. Yet, through prayer, God continues to remind me that He chose me to be a mama to my boys.

One last bit of encouragement: Keep moving forward. Any parenting mistake that you have made is in the past. Don’t dwell on the would’ves, could’ves and should’ves. Instead, dwell on the One who gives you eternal life — Jesus.



P.S. My boys are now 19 and 17 and have no recollection of their mom’s great escape (which was just around the block)! Thank you, Lord!

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