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Mama to Mama {Week 6}

October 15, 2021

Dear Mama,

My oldest son, who’s only 12, is almost taller than me now! The last time we hugged and I realized we were eye to eye, it startled me. It’s not that I don’t pay attention to his growth charts; it’s just that I have three kids. They keep me busy. Sometimes too busy to notice when one of them has grown just a quarter inch. (I know y’all understand!)

That’s the funny thing about growth, though. We don’t always see it because it doesn’t happen all at once. It happens little by little, over time.

Just like what’s been happening in my heart and in my kids lately.

We have a new family ritual in which we each write three sentences: one thing we’re thankful to God for, one thing we like about ourselves, and one Bible verse we want to remember. We don’t do it every day yet. And some days there’s groaning and whining. But we keep at it.

So far ...
My daughter has been praying for her teacher.
My middle son announced that God healed his thumb.
I memorized Philippians 2:5-8.

We’re growing more toward Him, little by little.

So are you. You just may not see it yet.

The best part is that all changes count, even the little ones. A shift in thought. A few more minutes less angry. A prayer for wisdom to understand God’s grace. Reading a new Scripture. Mentioning Jesus to your kids (whether they listen or not). Believing God’s words that you are free. It’s all working together.

And one day, little by little will give way to more growth than you thought possible. I can’t wait for that day. What about you?

Let’s keep growing. We’re in this together!



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