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October 18, 2021

Hello, friends!

I remember one particular Christmas day, the living room floor covered in wrapping paper, the holiday dishes piled in the sink, I sunk down into a chair, feeling … exhausted. Disappointed, even.

It had been over a month of rushing, buying, wrapping, cooking and cleaning — go, go, go — and for what? For this? Something was missing. In my busyness to create the perfect celebration, I hadn’t actually stopped to celebrate. I was “doing” for Jesus but forgot to actually see Him.

Maybe you are wanting your holiday season to be about more this year … more than the busy extras, and more about the Savior we celebrate. If so, you are in for a treat. That is what Advent is all about! And whether you are new to the idea of Advent or have celebrated Advent in various forms throughout the years, I know you are going to love it. Advent is all about focusing our eyes and hearts on the birth of Jesus and what that means for us today.

Throughout this study, we are going to break down the scriptures about Jesus’ birth and childhood to see the Christmas story like we have never seen it before. And as a fun bonus, I get a chance to share with you a quick encouragement each week by video. We will focus on a word for the week, and I’ll give you a simple, practical moment of reflection you can use to center your thoughts on Jesus. You can even have your family and friends join in on these, too! This Advent OBS is all about slowing down. It is about savoring our Savior. This baby born in a manger means everything. He will change your life, and definitely your holiday, if you will let Him. I can’t wait for God’s Word to point us to that promise!

With Love,
Kayla Ferris

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