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The Fingerprints of God's Faithfulness

November 29, 2021

Hi, friends! Missy here. Advent has officially begun, and I’m excited to begin Week 3 of Pointing to the Promise with you! This week we will be focusing on the faithfulness of God and how Jesus is the proof of that faithfulness.

What To Do This Week:

Complete Week 3, Days 11-15, in Pointing to the Promise.
Watch the Monday video with Kayla and Wendy as they discuss how God is good and faithful, and then join us in a Moment of Reflection (see below).
Read the wrap-up message on Friday where I'll share how the fingerprints of God impacted my life.

Moment of Reflection: 

In this week’s video, Kayla encourages us to start a yearly tradition of listing all the ways God has been good and faithful to us. Reflecting on this past year, how have you seen God’s faithfulness at work in your life?

Freebie of the Week:

This week’s freebie is a journaling page for you to download and record the ways the Lord has been faithful to you throughout 2021.

Prayer To Get You Through This Week:

Heavenly Father, how great is Your faithfulness! May Your glory be magnified! In times of trouble, may we remember that You are bigger than our problems. Your faithfulness is unending. Thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus. May we remember this precious gift throughout the year, not just during the Advent season. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Blessings to you today!


P.S. Did you miss “A Night of Light”  last night? You have one more chance to catch it live tonight on our Facebook page at 8 p.m. ET, OR catch the replay any time after!

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