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Bible Study Is Better Together

August 22, 2019
Join a P31 Online Bible Study Facebook Small Group for the “Psalm 23” study! Space is limited and spots are filled on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay! Click through to learn more and sign up!   #Psalm23Study #P31OBS

Hi Psalm 23 OBSers!

Are you as excited as we are for the study to start September 3? As your study leaders, we can't wait to dig in with you!

You've probably guessed; we LOVE Bible study around here. What you may not know, though, is we also love community! Why? Because we've discovered Bible study is better together.

While we wait for the study to start, here’s the main options for joining in community together, for you to consider:

Our Blog Comment Section - Right here on our blog is where our main study takes place, so the blog comment section is the perfect place to begin connecting in community! You can think of it as the “ground level” option. It’s where I (Anna) have joined in community for six years now, and it’s deeply impacted my study experience! Here, you can share your thoughts about the study, and learn from and encourage one another as well. We also have a dedicated team of women ready to meet up with you! Watch for the Reflect and Respond questions at the end of each post. Those are your personal invite to join us in community by commenting back and forth!

Our Facebook Community Group - I (Quanny) am particularly fond of our Facebook Community group as it was my very first opportunity to serve as a P31 OBS volunteer! In this private group, you will find daily posts to deepen your study experience. The rich conversation connects women of all backgrounds, and the collective love for the Word of God creates lifelong bonds. It may be large, but think of it as an additional, yet optional, space for more connection outside the blog. You will also meet a wonderful team of volunteers who are excited to walk alongside you during the study and be the most supportive cheerleaders ever.


Our Facebook Small Groups - In addition to joining you all here, I (Brandy) am also a small group leader. Our optional Facebook small groups are private and include approximately 20 participants to go through the study with together. Each group has its own trained leader who posts thoughtful discussion questions and encouraging words to help deepen your study and community experience. You’ll also have your leader and fellow group members there to help you stay on track and provide lots of high fives. Many of our group members even often develop friendships! Be sure to register soon if you’re interested. Our groups fill up fast!


Now that you know the options, you get to decide which work best for you. But know that, no matter which you choose, we’re glad to have you with us!

See you in the comments!
Anna, Quanny and Brandy

Reflect and Respond:

Which option(s) are you choosing? What are you hoping for in your community experience?

All comments will be entered to win a copy of Psalm 23! Five winners will be randomly selected and notified within three days via a reply to their comment on this blog.

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