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Getting Prepped for Psalm 23

August 29, 2019

Who’s excited for Psalm 23 to start NEXT TUESDAY? All our hands here on the P31 OBS Team are raised. We hope yours are, too!

If this is your first time joining us (or even if you’ve been around for a while), you may be wondering what you can do to be prepared to start on Tuesday. If so, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we’re sharing about today — two resources to help YOU get prepped!

1. Week at a Glance - this is a FREE downloadable/printable resource with some great freebies! Plus, it will answer important questions like…

  • What do I do if I’m still waiting for my book to arrive?
  • How do I know when to do what?
  • Will there be videos for this study and, if so, when/where can I access them?


2. Psalm 23 Session 1 Video - Speaking of videos, the Session 1 Psalm 23 video gives a great introduction to the study and is meant to be viewed before you begin digging in. You may have watched this already when we shared it two weeks ago, but just in case you missed it, here it is again. You’ll need about 27 minutes to watch. When you’re ready, turn to pages 6 and 7 in your Psalm 23 study book to take notes.

(Please note: this video was only available on our blog through September 5. If you wish, you can request a summary of these videos through Jennifer Rothschild's website and/or purchase the videos through LifeWay.)

Alright, that’s all you need to get prepped for your first week of study. We can’t wait to begin studying with you next week!

See you Tuesday,
Your P31 OBS Team

Reflect and Respond:

Now that you’ve seen what’s in store for Psalm 23 (through the Week at a Glance and Session 1 video), what’s got you most excited to begin?

Comment to be entered to win a copy of Psalm 23 and the teaching series! Five winners will be randomly selected and notified within three days via a reply to their comment on this blog.

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