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Rest in Any Situation

September 13, 2019
“We need to find our safety in our Shepherd and not our situations.” - Jennifer Rothschild  #Psalm23Study | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 2 #P31OBS

Hey, friend!

It’s Friday. Yay! Ever wonder why we love Friday so much? Yes, that’s right. It often marks the end of the workweek, which means rest is near!

Speaking of rest, how’s it been learning about it this week? I must say, it’s been powerful for me. You know what trips me up sometimes, though? Me! When life gets hectic, it’s hard for me to focus on anything other than my problems. That’s why I love how Jennifer Rothschild reminds us in Psalm 23: The Shepherd with Me:

“We need to find our safety in our Shepherd not in our situations.”

Hello, truth!

Where do we need to find our safety? Repeat this out loud with me, gals: We find our safety in our shepherd, NOT our situations.

It’s not a coincidence that our weekly memory verse, Psalm 23:2, does not mention relying on our situations either. Why? Because we don’t need problem-free situations before we can lie down in green pastures or walk beside still waters. We just need Him, our Shepherd. That’s all!

It’s easier to read than live out, I get it! But that’s why God gave us prayer. Let’s pray for each other that we won’t let our situations steal away our rest! Deal?

Thanks for studying with me this week!

Reflect and Respond:

Name one action you can take this weekend to remind yourself to look to your Shepherd for safety, rather than your circumstances.

And remember when I mentioned prayer above? Let's do that now. Reply to someone else’s comment and let them know you're praying for them!

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For Your Weekend:
What better way to wrap up this week’s talk than to hear from Jennifer? In this week’s 26-minute Psalm 23 video, she shares four things sheep require to rest. You can take notes starting on page 74 in your book.

(Special thanks to LifeWay for making Session 3 available to us for a limited time for FREE during our study.

Please note: The Session 3 video was only available on our blog through September 19.

If you wish, you can request a summary of these videos through Jennifer Rothschild’s website and/or purchase the videos through LifeWay.)

Remember, too, you can access our next Week at a Glance to help you plan Week 3!

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