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Our Master Guide {Week 3}

September 16, 2019

Hi ladies! I’m Quantrilla Ard, and I’m thrilled to be your study leader for week 3! Now that we’re friends, call me Quanny!

I pray you’ve enjoyed the first couple of weeks of our journey. If you’re just joining us, welcome! I’m more certain than ever (I hope you are, too) that we are right where we belong, in the presence of our Good Shepherd.

Weekly Memory Verse:
How are we doing so far with memorizing the first two verses of Psalm 23? For added help, check out some fun tips in the Week at a Glance document linked below. Let’s build on what we’ve learned and continue with our verse this week, Psalm 23:3: “He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

The whole idea of “leading” makes me think of a guide. A guide is one who is familiar with the path/destination — someone whose knowledge will prevent you from getting lost along the way. We can trust our all-knowing Master Guide Jesus to lead us daily.

Your weekly resources are also here as a guide for you as you dig deeper into the study. First, we have another video with P31 OBS manager Kendra Schwarz and author Jennifer Rothschild. Let’s join them as they discuss practical ways to remember our worth and how our condition as sheep reflects the Shepherd’s character.

Want/need instructions to access the video transcript or closed captioning? Look no further!

Week at a Glance:
Don’t forget! This resource will provide you with a suggested study schedule, all the details for this week’s giveaway, and tips for memorizing this week’s memory verse! With it, you’ll have all the info you need right at your fingertips.


Friends, I hope you are excited to dig in this week and learn how much you are loved, cared for and covered by your Shepherd. We can follow His guidance in confidence because He has charted a path for us, and He will never leave nor forsake us.

Here’s to an incredible week!

Reflect and Respond:

How does knowing you are under the care of the Master Guide AND He chose you as His own make you feel? How can you respond to Him today?

Remember, all comments will be entered into this week’s giveaway!

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