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His Glory, Our Good

September 20, 2019
 "What brings Him glory brings us good." - Jennifer Rothschild  #Psalm23Study | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 3 #P31OBS

Hi, friends! We’re closing out Week 3, and we’ve reached the halfway point in our study! Have you been owning your sheep-ness?

I surely have! When my husband and I would discuss marriage, he’d often ask what I was most looking forward to. Of the wonderful things I could imagine, I was most excited to become Mrs. Ard. Taking on his name symbolized a covenant between us, and though this may seem impractical or outdated to some, it brought me joy to know we’d share a family name.

When we belong to our Shepherd, we have a covenant with Him, too, and can trust Him. You know why? Because, as the last part of our memory verse teaches, He leads and guides us "for His name's sake." This means His character is on the line. He won’t compromise the path or the condition of the sheep because it will ultimately fall back on Him!

Isn’t it awesome to know our Shepherd will always act in our best interests because it’s who He is? Jennifer Rothschild states this well on Day 4 in this week’s reading:

“What brings Him glory brings us good.”

Do you believe this? When your heart’s aching, when you don’t understand and you’re burdened beneath the weight of life, will you still believe the Shepherd knows the path and it will be for His glory and your good?

Let's challenge ourselves to trust Him.

Reflect and Respond:

We can bring glory to our Shepherd and His name by trusting, following and obeying Him. What’s one action you will take to trust, follow and obey?

All comments are entered into this week’s giveaway!

For Your Weekend:
Jennifer’s videos have been such a blessing, you don’t want to miss this week's either! In Session 4, we will find out what our paths have in common! You’ll need about 26 minutes to watch. There are notes to follow beginning on page 108.

(Special thanks to LifeWay for making the Session 4 video available to us for FREE for one week during our study.

Please note: the Session 4 video was only available on our blog through September 26.

If you wish, you can request a summary of these videos through Jennifer Rothschild’s website and/or purchase the videos through LifeWay.)

Here is the Week at a Glance for next week.

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