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Faith Over Fear

September 27, 2019
Fear focuses on the shadows. Faith focuses on the Shepherd.”  - Jennifer Rothschild  #Psalm23Study | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 4 #P31OBS

Happy Friday, friend!

In the corner of my two oldest daughters’ room, there’s a small night light. Many times I forget to turn it on at bedtime. When that happens, they imagine the shadows as scary things, and become fearful and struggle to sleep. But with their light on, everything is revealed for what it really is and they are able to sleep at ease.

Have you ever let your own fear of the shadows in the darkness become all-consuming? We talked Wednesday about being women who walk well in the darkness of our valleys. While this is something we strive for, we’re human and fall short. We often fear the unknowns and what-ifs of life. But as Jennifer Rothschild says in Day 2 of Psalm 23: The Shepherd with Me:

“Even though fear and faith can share the same heartbeat, they don’t share the same perspective. Fear focuses on the shadows. Faith focuses on the Shepherd.”

Just like my daughters, when fear takes over in our valleys, we often only see the darkness. But faith sees the light of the Shepherd giving us the comfort we need to walk confidently.

So what has your perspective been in your valleys? Are you focused on the shadows of your Shepherd?

Let’s spend some time this weekend asking Him to give us a more faith-filled perspective, directing our focus on Him instead of our valleys! Who’s with me?

Reflect and Respond:

Are you more prone to focus on the shadows or the Shepherd in your valleys? What adjustments do you need to make to help walk in the light of the Shepherd?

For Your Weekend:
To wrap up our week, let’s join Jennifer Rothschild in the Session 5 video! In it, we’re taking a closer look at the valleys we face and some practical steps we can take.

(Special thanks to LifeWay for making this available to us for FREE for one week during our study.

Please note: the session 5 video was only available on our blog through October 3.

If you wish, you can request a summary of these videos through Jennifer Rothschild’s website and/or purchase the videos through LifeWay.) 

Also, don’t forget to download our next Week at a Glance and start planning for Week 5!

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