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We are His {Week 5}

September 30, 2019

Hey, friends! Glad to be back with you for another week.

Picture this … You’re watching a movie. The main character is hit with a problem, struggles with it, and then … BOOM. You turn off the TV and walk away.

What? You don’t usually do that? Girl, why not? Is it because you know eventually things will change for good — either in the situation or within the character? Yes! We love to find out the struggle was worth it, right?

Okay, now I want you to think about yourself. Today we start week 5. What will happen if you stop studying Psalm 23: The Shepherd With Me? You’ll miss out on what’s to come! It’s so good, too, y’all. This week we learn this important truth: God calls us His!

Weekly Memory Verse:
In Psalm 23:5, David writes, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.” Wow, look at what the Shepherd does for us! I love that we get to memorize this verse next. It will come in handy when our enemy, the devil, tries to tell us something different.

In today’s video, P31 OBS manager Kendra Schwarz and author Jennifer Rothschild talk about our enemy. Let’s watch.

If needed, here are the instructions to access closed captioning or the video transcript.

Just like Jennifer said in the video, the enemy may be present, but he has no place at the table God has prepared for us. Amen!

If you weren’t already excited about week 5, I have a hunch you may be now! Before you get started, though...

Week at a Glance:
Here’s our suggested study schedule to check out what we’re working on this week. A new verse memorization tip and this week’s event and giveaway details are there, too.


Okay, my friend. Promise me you won’t “turn off the study” and walk away this week. Let’s dig into Scripture and our bookwork.

Reflect and Respond:

God calls you His and has prepared something just for you. What are your thoughts about this?

You’re Invited!
Session 3 of our Psalm 23 Teaching Series is Tuesday, October 1 at 11:30 a.m. ET. We will hear from P31 Biblical Content Specialist Wendy Blight. Remember, you can add this optional series to your study anytime.

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