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Peace Is Possible. Let Us Show You How.

August 8, 2023


Tenneil Register here welcoming you to our Online Bible Study of Rest for Your Soul by Wendy Blight. Missy Eversole and I will be your guides as we rediscover the peace we all crave.

I have a feeling you and I are going to be fast friends in this study! And because of that, I want to share openly that just this week I found myself overwhelmed and searching for a calm that felt just out of reach. Maybe you’ve experienced that same feeling of looking for “normal” again. Whether you are struggling with anxiety-filled days or the all-too-familiar rush of day-to-day life, you can look forward to time with Jesus that will change your days for the better!

We will go through just one chapter each week using these “tools” that meet us in the midst of our chaos and guide us toward peace and calm found in Jesus:

  • Learning from stories of Jesus.
  • Getting quiet in prayer.
  • Memorizing scripture.
  • Reflecting and journaling.

Each week you can use these tools at your own pace. I encourage you to set a dedicated time each day that you can dive in, even if it’s sneaking it in over lunch!

There is joy and freedom to be found on this journey. We are not alone, and God's powerful, healing and transforming Word awaits us!

Let’s Chat!

What tools do you hope to use more often as we learn on this journey together — prayer, Bible reading, memorizing scripture, learning from Jesus, something else?

P.S. Do you know someone who is craving a more calm, peace-filled life? Share this post and invite her to join in by registering here!

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