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After Years of Struggling, I Realized This One Thing

August 9, 2023


I’m Missy, and I am one of your study leaders for Rest for Your Soul: Simple Practices When You’re Worn Out and Weary with Wendy Blight.

For years, I kept much of my struggles to myself. I wanted to be viewed as a strong woman, and I feared letting others know about my mental health issues would make me look weak. But when I started to share about my anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, I discovered that I wasn’t alone.

So as your study leader, it’s my job to assure you that you aren’t alone either.

This is a safe place. 

You have a community of supportive OBSers (that’s what we call YOU, our friend who studies with us) who will be alongside you as we learn about three holy habits of solitude, silence and prayer and how to implement them in our lives.  

We have several options to interact and engage with our uplifting community that will work for your schedule. One can be found right here in the comment section at the end of each study post.

And if you're looking to go even deeper in community, we have a Facebook Community Group, plus small groups on both Facebook and Instagram. You can learn more about these options and register for a group by clicking here!

I’m praying for you as we journey together to find the peace and calm we’ve been searching for. Remember: We can’t choose when anxious thoughts come our way, but we can choose how we fight back. 


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